NY Travel Guide offers many services for New York City visitors, helping you enrich your travel experience.

TimeTable with Flight Information at JFK Airport

Airport Pickup
New York City airports are hectic. Preserve your mental sanity and check out our personal, hassle-free concierge service. We arrange for someone to meet you at the airport and then help you get to your destination within the city. Read more about airport pickup here.

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Online Shopping for International Visitors
We know that many items that are expensive in other countries can be found much more cheaply in the US. Did you know it can be even cheaper if you shop online? If you come to New York and have very limited time for shopping, then simply shop from your own place! We’ll pick up everything for you and deliver your items within two days to any location in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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Personal Guide
If you don’t like to follow a guide in the midst of a bunch of other tourists, you’ll love this service. If you’re curious about the city, you’ll love this service. If you’re as obsessed with New York as we are, you’ll love this service. Need more convincing? Learn more about how our personal guide service works here.

fashion mall window shopping in new york

Personal Shopping Consultant
New York City is the world’s cultural epicenter in many ways. From music to finance to fashion, New York is at the vanguard of everything. What better place to shop than in the place that’s constantly establishing global trends? The city is overflowing with department stores and boutiques; if you can dream it, it probably exists here somewhere. But how do you find the right place to begin? Lucky for you, we offer a personal shopping service that can cater to any style. We connect you with someone that can tailor your shopping experience to be exactly what you want it to be.

Theater District Times Square Performance

Ticket Purchase and Delivery
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