Online Shopping Terms and Conditions

Each customer that wishes to use our Online Shopping service must accept the rules and conditions below:

– All customers are advised to send the complete lists of products they wish to buy with additional information about size, color, model, etc.

– Minimum purchase is at least $100, which can include one or multiple items.

– All customers must receive their purchases in person (Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs only).

– Drop-off and delivery will be available within two days of the customer’s payment.

– The customer must pick up items they have purchased within seven days of the date his/her request was approved and paid.

– The customer must provide drop off/delivery address before delivery, either in the order form or in an email.

– The customer may request replacement or refund only if the item is broken. Replacement fee is $5 per items. Refunds are free of charge. Replacements and refunds may take up to 14 days to complete.

– The customer must pay $3 extra for each additional item. $3 delivery fee applies when the customer buys: five items for orders between $100-$250, six items for orders between $251-$750, seven items for orders between $751-1500, eight items for orders between $1500-2500, and nine items for over $2500+ orders.

– Food, alcohol, and single items that weigh over 10 pounds are not eligible for Online Shopping.

– The client is responsible for paying all PayPal fees for Online Shopping.

To book Online Shopping service please visit our Online Shopping page.